TCS will change the taste of things!

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My name is Yessica Ramos. I was born in November, 17, 1997. In San Luis Potosi, Mexico but raised in Galveston, TX. I have a little brother that's 8 and his name is Marcos. I also have a little sister that's 6 and her name is Melissa. My mom and dad are also from Mexico. My dad's name is Ambrosio Ramos and my mom's name is Ruth Barrios.

What life events brought about the creation of my invention?
My brother and sister had a toothpaste disagreement one day. They wanted different flavored toothpaste but my mom would only buy one. They couldn't agree on what flavor to buy and it would always be a problem. Someone would always end up upset. I didn't like that. But my mom didn't want to waste money on just toothpaste.

What problem or dilemma prompted my creativity?
I don't like when my sister or brother get upset so I thought of a way to solve the problem. I thought if I would get their favorite toothpaste and combine them together without mixing the two flavors I would solve the problem. I would also solve the problem for my mom and not make it expensive. So I came up with the Toothpaste Combination Sensation. It's like two toothpaste bottles cut in half and combined into one. At the ends it has the opening for the different flavors.

Setbacks in the invention process?
Some of the setbacks were that the ideas I came up with were a little extreme. I couldn't quite find a way to solve my family's problem. I had limited time to come up with the invention and build it. The other ideas were good but I could think of a way to build my product. It took me a while to come up with my invention Toothpaste Combination Sensation.

When I was building my product one of the problems I had was when I was cutting the two bottles in half. The second problem was when I was trying to build a divider between the two bottles. I couldn'tquite make the right size. The third problem that I had was when I was gluing the two together. They didn't look professional because they had glue around. But I had to make them work and cover the glue up.

Financial Planning

How much did the prototype cost to create?
My prototype cost $15 to create. I had to buy the two toothpastes and also glue to stick them together. All of those materials where about $15 total.

What is my plan to attract investors?
I plan to attract investors by showing of my invention to people. I plan to organize a community meeting. I will talk about my invention and how it works. I'm sure that the people will be impress. I will show my graphs of manufacturing, prototype cost, and cost it will be worth. I would also talk about how much effort I put in my invention.

When the word gets spread out I will proceed with my manufacturing. I would also put the billboard up with the logo already on it. I thing a billboard is more better because its up all the time. The billboard it up 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. Hopefully i will get some investors by then and spread my product.

How much will your product cost to manufacture?
My manufacturing cost will be $15 per bottle. If I bought the 2 toothpaste it will be $7 with tax. Plus the glue and the plastic dividing the two would make up for the $8.

What is your advertising plan for the product?
I would have a commercial on TV for the toothpaste. It will talk about how great the Toothpaste Combination Sensation is and where you can find it in stores. I would also have a build board. The build board will include a picture and a logo. The design will be big on the build board including the logo on the side. My logo is "TCS will change the taste of things!".

One toothpaste is called Crest Whitening Expressions Cinnamon Rush Toothpaste it is the 6oz and it was $3.27. The other toothpaste is called Crest Complete Whitening Herbal Mint Toothpaste the 6oz one and it is $3.27.Also I would have to gather up the money of the product that i'm using to create another cap on the other side of my invention. The cost of the billboard will cost me between $700 and $2,500 per month. For the commercial a lot of money. First you have to find a good place to shoot it in and have the products you need and have it in time. The second part is to pay $1,000-$2,000 per month.

The price of the TCS would not be that high because it's just combining toothpastes. The manufacturing cost is only $15 per bottle. The retail price of my product will be $5.99.
The cost to patent depends on the things I have to apply. It would range anywhere from $125 to $2,365. There are fees that you have to pay to patent something.

Cultural Impact of my Invention

How will the Toothpaste Combination Sensation change the lives of everyday people?
Peoples lives would be so much easier with this product. The Toothpaste Combination Sensation is a good product and you would want to get it because you would get different verities of toothpaste in one single bottle without mixing them. There will also be different flavor combinations in the bottle. This bottle is more easy to travel with because its only one bottle for two flavors. This product is guaranteed to be a bottle that is more efficient than a regular bottle. The best deal for people buying this product will be that it would not be expensive like other new products.

What are some possible hesitations that the general public could have in purchasing your invention? What will make them want to rush out an buy it?
When TCS comes out it would be selling out. People might hesitate in buying my product because they might find something wrong with it. They could look at other products and second guess themselves. The product would go up and buy my product as soon as possible because it's a new and improve product. Also the price would not be the same when it starts selling. The price might ride or decrease.

Describe the process in obtaining a US Patent. How long will it take?
First they will ask you questions about your invention. Then you would have to get an attorney and have a consultation. Then patent drawings come it. Then you will get with a professional and make a final view or a final design of your invention. You get with an attorney that will organize all your applications and your designs.

Then you have to fill out a application and send it. Then you have to wait 15 months after you have send your application. If they do not reject your invention then you have to fill more applications out. The second part is the patent prosecutor will draft an amendment and a response, this is to clarify the invention. Then the response part comes in witch is responses in your process to get a patent have to be before the deadline. You have 3-6 months to reply. All this process could take 36 months or more.

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1800- The normal toothpaste was developed this year.

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1824- Dr.Peabody added soap to the toothpaste.

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1873- Colgate mass-produced the first toothpaste in a jar.

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1892- The first tubed based toothpaste was created by Dr. Washington Sheffield. It was first used in Paris.

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1896- Colgate created one rube like Dr. Washington but in their own brand.
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1939- Until this date they replaced soap and made it into
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Ricinoleate